Новичкам. Types of betting options and their difference: debriefing

Any punter understands that the most important part of becoming a professional is learning the theory of betting market. The more you know about different types of sport bets, the more outcomes you cover while betting, so you earn more money and make less loss. Analysis of the whole range of all possible types of bets would take too much time and space, but wouldn’t give any efficient information for a beginner, so in this article you can find just all the necessary stuff about mostly-used types of bets.
Bookmakers usually offer wide range of options, but the most needed is “Home team wins |Draw| Away team wins”, we will call it “Three-way” structure. Even though there are some sports that don’t mean to be done with draw, bookies deal with any kind of sports, so their coefficients are never “stupidly made”,
The most usable sports betting market option
Betting typesWe mentioned above that “Three-way” structure is the most popular, especially because any newbie can easily understand what exactly it is. It also doesn’t require any profound analysis. But betting shops often include “Double Chance market”. It’s based on the “Three-way” structure, but allows you to choose two possible outcomes! For example, you place your bet on “Home team OR draw; Away team or draw; Home team or Away team (this one means that you bet on that no draw occurs)”.
Another sport betting structure of high demand is “Handicap”, sometimes called “Match Handicap”. It’s also based on “Three-way” structure, but a bit more complicated to understand at first. This type of bets implies that you place a bet giving a handicap to one of two playing teams. Let’s look at the example: You placed something like “Home team (-1)”, then it means that Home team will blow two goals lead to win, so that if you subtract one point from the end result of Home team, they win anyway. Therefore, an approximate score has to be “Home team (3): Away team (1)” so you could earn your money. When we are betting on the outsider, we often use (+) handicap. For instance, the eventual score was “Home (1): Away (0)”, then if we chose (Away team +2), it would mean that we win our wager.
Zero handicap is used to bet on a winner, ignoring draw option. But why the coefficient of zero handicap is not as big as the coefficient of simple “Home team – Away team” option? Because, if you place (0) handicap and the eventual score is draw, you will get your money back without losses. That is the only difference.
However, it worth checking up about the rules of your betting shop, because some of them are likely to be dodgy and skilful with their clients. Maybe, in case of draw result at handicapping, you won’t get all your money back at all. So, reading rules of your bookie is important.
Asian Handicap
The most difficult for explanation form of bets. Some of bookmakers don’t offer this type of sports betting option, but some include it in “Handicapping” section. It’s not always easy to understand how it works and this is the reason why it’s used more by pro betting gamblers than beginners.
There are main six varieties of Asian handicap:
•    «+0,5» - If team you bet on is a winner or draw occurs – you win, in case your team loses – you lose your wager.
•    «-0,5» - If a team you bet on wins – you win as well, in case of draw or defeat – you lose your wager.
•    «+1» - In case of draw or win – you win your wager, in case your team lose by one goal lead – your bet gets pushed. If your team lose by two goals lead (or more) – you lose your wager.
•    «-1» - In case your team wins in a two goals lead (or more) – you win your wager, in case your team wins in a one goal lead – your bet gets pushed; in case of defeat or draw – you lose your money.
•    «+1,5» - In case your team wins, draw occurs or your team loses in one goal lead – you win your wager; in case your team loses in two goals lead or more – you lose your wager.
•    «-1,5» - In case your team wins by two goals lead or more – you win your wager, but in case your team wins by one goal lead, draw occurs or defeat – your wager is lost.
The most complex part of Asian handicap is a quarter point bet (like +0.25), because it contains two bets actually at the same time: 50% is on the whole point and another half is on the half point. It means you got a slim chance of one half of your bet to be pushed, and another half is to win or lose.
Betting on a total result (total score)
The most popular after “Three-way” option bet. Suitable for those who want to make money by betting without spending much time on analysis and so on. This type of bets is supposed to be placed on total score and there are also bets without pushing option (like 2.5, 3.5, etc.). Let’s consider it more thoroughly. When we place total (over 2.5), total score of the match will be 3 points at least, so that your wager could win, otherwise you lose your money. But, here is another kind of this betting option… When you, for instance, place total over 4, total score of the match must be 5 points or more so you could earn money, but if the end total is 4 points – your bet gets pushed. In any other case (total < 4) you lose your wager. The same with “under”, - for example, under 2.5 implies that the total score of the match must be < 3 points.
Other types of betting markets
Advanced betting shops are capable of giving a wide range of specific bets. For example, total of concrete team, particular player and so on. Some of them are easy to understand and easy to analyze, but some are dependent on intuition more than on analysis. There are some tricky bets that can’t be analyzed easily, like “No penalty shoots out” and other. Even taking into account track record of penalties of a particular team, it’s almost impossible to predict this outcome, that’s why some bookies make its coefficient so high (1.30, 1.40).
Live betting
As other types of betting require spending time on analysis and thinking over possible outcomes, live betting is not about it at all. Betting live you can take decision right while watching match, you may understand the chances of winning of particular team relying on the statistics while match: may be forward was ordered off the field or somebody was injured and so on. Of course, bookmakers don’t sleep as well, their people watch ALL matches live, calculating the coefficients in such way so that you couldn’t get too much money.
The only thing that bothers about live betting is a range of betting options. Live section usually includes only the most usable types of bets: totals, handicaps and three-way bets.
How to foresee two or more of possible outcomes while betting
Bookmakers offer such terms and conditions that it’s very easy to cover two or three outcomes placing two or three bets on the same match. But if we want to understand how this process is done, we should look through all equivalent types of bets. For instance, “Home or draw” option is the same to (+0.5) Asian Handicap, whereas (-0.5) Asian Handicap is the same to “Home team wins” provided that you bet on the same team, of course.
Examples of the proper and failed betting coverage:
•    Home team (+0.5) AND Away team in a three-way option
•    Home team (+0.75) AND Away team (-0.75)
•    Home team (+0 handicap) AND Draw, AND Away team (in a three-way option)
•    Home team (+0.5) AND Away team (-0)
•    Home team (+1.5) AND Away team (-0.5) and a Middle (chance of winning both bets occurs)
•    Home team (+0.5) AND Away team (-0.75) is useless. The negative handicap must never be larger than positive.
•    Home team (three-way option) AND Away team (-0.5) is useless. When draw occurs, we lose both bets, because draw wasn’t covered.
•    Home team (+1) AND Away team (-1) is useless. Overall loss will be made if Away team wins in 1 goal lead, because no bet will be refunded.
In spite of easy explanations, it’s never easy to handle the theory of perfect covering bets. Moreover, some bookies don’t allow their clients to place more than one express bet on the same match, so you would be forced to place two or three different bets (placing three sums of money). If so, you will be great at calculating, because excellent coverage is supposed not only to make money, but also not to lose it. At the worst, you may take a look for betting guide on the internet.