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  High Class Tips
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1 tip
375 15 14 Заказать
3 tips 1900 950 38 35 Заказать
5 tips 2600 1300 52 47 Заказать

Work conditions

  1. Guaranteed unlimited replacement betting tips for each purchased tip ended with no profits.
  2. Status of timers. Purchase our tip until the end of preliminary order and get the pick earlier than others. So you will have more time to place your bid. Mailing has already begun: to get a tip you have to make a payment and notify us. Our prediction will be sent as soon as possible after processing.
  3. 1 hour is the minimum possible time between the dispatch of our tip and the beginning of the event. There is no exact mailing time, usually, we send your tip from 3 to 7 hours before the event beginning. Those customers who made their payments during preliminary order have a priority in the mailing list.
  4. You can pay for the tip at any time. If your payment was processed after the beginning of the event, your tip will be postponed to the next day. Support service will notify you about this by special message.
  5. The impossibility to make a bet at your bookmaker can’t be a reason for postponement/cancelling of our services.
  6. Please, notify us about your payment, indicating all the information about it. The support service representative may contact you after the notification, but it is not mandatory.
  7. In the FAQ section we have tried to collect the answers for all occurring questions.